The Flatiron Building - Iconic In New York City

With the exception of the Empire State BuildingThe Flatiron Building in New York City and One World Trade Center, no building says, "you're in New York City" like the Flatiron Building.

Wedged on the corner where 5th Avenue and Broadway meets, the building's triangular shape is reminiscent of an old fashion flatiron that was used to iron clothes in the 1800s, hence the name. This Chicago School style building is 22 stories has a steel frame with a facade of limestone and terra-cotta and was completed in 1902.

What To Do at the Flatiron Building:

This is a "see that site" only venue. You cannot tour the building. It's a working office building with a few stores at ground level. However, if you're a lover of architecture or you want to get the opportunity to take photos of (or selfies of front of) one of New York City's most iconic buildings, this is definitely a destination to put on your list of things to see and do in New York City.

While you are in the area, you can also visit Madison Square Park which is just steps away from the Flatiron Building. Quite often, there special art exhibits, free concerts and outdoor festivals in the park.


175 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010 - Between East 22nd and East 23rd Streets


Of course it's FREE to walk the streets of NYC.


Take the number 6 train to the 23rd Street Station or the number 1 train to the 23rd Street station and walk over to Broadway. You can also take the Path Train from NJ to 23 Street Station.


Venue Visit on 6/19/2016 by Lainey