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If you want to experience a taste of the Far East right here in the US, there’s no better place to go then New York City’s Chinatown, the largest Chinatown in the country.   Established in the 1870’s, the heart of Chinatown centers around Canal Street and stretches out in every direction (the borders of Chinatown are ever growing).Chinatown

There are shops galore for every budget where you can purchase everything from Chinese slippers to hand forged caste iron woks, so shopping in Chinatown is a must for the tourist and native alike.

Of course if you're going to shop in Chinatown, you should sharpen your bargaining skills.  Its tradition to haggle over prices in Chinatown.  Always ask the price, even if its listed, offer half that amount, and let the games begin.

However, the best thing about Chinatown, beside the visual wonder of it, is the food.  You really haven't had a full New York experience without having Dim Sum in Chinatown.  There are literally hundreds of places to eat in Chinatown.

Our favorites are:

The Sun Hop Shing Tea House at 21 Mott Street - Its not fancy by any means, but you'll get to eat like the natives do, which is what we like about it.

Jing Fong at 20 Elizabeth Street - This is a larger and pricier Dim Sum restaurant. If you are looking to experience the hustle and bustle of a Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant, this is the closest you'll get without going there.

If you want to experience New York as the natives do, then Chinatown is a neighborhood that you'll want to visit.



Chinatown is centered around Canal Street.

Take the J, M, N, Q, R, W, Z or #6 train to the Canal Street Station.

Take the M1, M6, M9, M15, M22, M103, B39, or B51 bus.

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Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours Bus - Downtown Loop. Click for more details.

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