Posters of New York City

We love posters, and we particularly love posters of New York City!

Hanging a beautifully framed poster is a great way to decorate any bare wall in your home. They also make terrific housewarming, birthday, or Christmas gifts.

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We're sure you'll be very pleased with the high quality posters and prints of New York City you'll find listed below.

Poster Framing Tips

The materials you should use to frame your poster depends a lot on the value of the poster and how long you'd like to keep it looking pristine. If you have purchased an inexpensive poster, then a standard metal or wood frame with a standard piece of acrylic glazing over it will be sufficient. However, if you've spent a good amount of money on your poster, and you'd like to keep the colors as vibrant as the day you bought it, you'll want to use better materials for framing.

The Frame

Frames are generally made of wood or metal. Which frame you use depends on your taste and the type of decor in your room. For rooms that are more modern, a metal frame might work best.

Keep in mind, the larger the poster, the heavier the frame. Have large posters framed with stress wire for hanging. To make it easier to keep a poster hung with stress wire straight, use two nails to hang the poster instead of one.

The Acrylic Glazing

Glazing is the piece of glass or acrylic that is place over a poster for protection. Acrylic is less expensive and much lighter then glass, so it is the material most commonly used for framing posters.

I find that its worth the extra money to have you poster framed with acrylic that is treated with an anti-glare coating. Nothing mars the beauty of a great poster then having so much glare on it from interior lighting that you can't see it.

For expensive posters, its also worth the extra money to purchase glazing that has UV Protection, especially if your poster is going to be in a very sunny room or subjected to direct sun light.


Mats are strictly obtional and whether you should include one depends on your taste. A single mat will help give you poster a finished look. Double matting allows you to highlight a certain color in your poster.

Typically, light colored mats open up the picture and make it seem larger. Dark colored mats seem to turn you eye inward, making the picture seem smaller.

How you frame your poster can be almost as important as the picture on the poster itself. Use these tips to choose the best framing for your fabulous poster of New York City and help beautify your home or office for years to come.