Venue Visits

What's a venue visit you might ask? At NYC by, our website is more than just pages of information about New York City. Its pages of verified information about New York City.

When you see our We Recommend this approval button on any attraction, tour, restaurant, shop, department store, museum, sports arena, or whatever it is, you'll know that it gets a visit by a member of our staff at least once a year. (Many times the visits are more frequent. For example, some of us visit Bloomingdales weekly.)

You'll also see a date stamp at the bottom right hand side of the page indicating when the last visit was done (for places we visit often, the word "frequent" will replace the date). That way you know that the information on our site is fresh and up to date, and that, in our opinion, the venue is worth the cost of your money or your time going there.

We love New York, and we want you to love it too.

If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line.

Welcome and enjoy New York City!