New York City for Smokers - Where You Can and Cannot Smoke

Because studies have proven that secondhand smoke is harmful to the people and pets exposed to it, New York City has some of the toughest smoking laws in the United States.

For the sake of visitors to our fare city who also happen to be smokers, here is a list of places you can and cannot smoke in New York City which was compiled in May of 2016.

Where You Cannot Smoke

It is illegal to smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, hookahs and electronic cigarettes in the following areas in New York City. No Smoking in New York City Parks

  • Any public indoor space including the following:
    • Bars and pubs (including hotel lobbies)
    • Dance Clubs
    • Government buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Museums
    • Restaurants and Cafes (including sidewalk seating areas)
    • Theatres (including movie theaters, Broadway theaters and all other live music and performance theaters)
  • On public transportation including the following:
    • Airports (including bars)
    • Buses
    • Ferries
    • Taxis
    • Subway trains, stations and platforms
  • In outdoor public spaces such as the following:
    • All New York City parks including Central Park
    • Beaches and boardwalks
    • Playgrounds and pools
    • Public golf courses
    • Sports Stadiums (such as Yankee Stadium, Aqueduct Racetrack & the Casino)
    • Pedestrian plazas such as those at Times Square and Herald Square.

Where You Can Legally Smoke

  • In a hotel room designated for smokers
  • In a private residence
  • In a private vehicle
  • On city sidewalks but not within 15 feet of any entrance or exit to a health care facility.
  • Retail tobacco stores
  • Tobacco Bars
  • At Cigar Bars (ask first)

These laws are not in place to punish smokers. In this country, you have a right to smoke or not smoke, but they are in place to protect the health and well-being of those who have to breath air around smokers.

Since we natives enjoy sharing our city with anyone who visits (ok, most of us enjoy it), you should really quit smoking so you can stay healthy and visit New York City again and again.

Happy Traveling