NYC By Native's Visitor Center

We've created this Visitors Center to help you make your trip to New York City easy, interesting and fun.

Getting To NYC

From JFK to Manhattan - A native's guide on how to get from John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) to Manhattan.

From LaGuardia Airport to Manhattan - A native's guide on how to get from LaGuardia (LGA) to Manhattan.

From Newark Airport to Manhattan - A native's guide on how to get from Newark International Airport (EWR) to Manhattan.

Getting to NYC - Get all the information you need to know whether you intend to fly, take a bus, train or drive to New York City.

Getting Around in NYC

Getting Around in NYC - There are numerous ways to get from one place to another in the Big Apple.

New York City Subway Riders Guide - This guide will help you navigate the New York City Subway system like a native.

10 Tips for Renting A Car In New York City - We highly recommend that visitors to New York City use public transportation (or take a car service) to get around, but if you really want to rent a car, here are some tips that you'll find helpful.

What To See and Do In NYC

What to See and Do - There is a long list of interesting and fun things to do in New York City. Landmarks, Broadway shows, and guided tours abound. Take a look at the list of our favorites. Get all the in depth information you need on NYC Trains, Buses, Cabs, Car Services and more...

2016 NYC Calendar of Events - There's always a lot to do and see in New York City. Here's a short list of things happening in the city by month.

Safety in The City

Safety in the City - Learn how to safely walk around and explore one of the most walkable cities in the world.

Safely Ride the NYC Subway - Here are some great tips on how to safely navigate the New York City subway system like a native.

Eating Out in NYC

How to Choose A Restaurant in NYC - With so many to choose from, how to you pick a place to eat?

New York City Tipping Guide - Tipping waiters, bartenders, and hotel maids is customary in New York City. Here's our guide that let's you know who to tip and how much, taking the guesswork out of tipping.

Tips Table - This tip table will make it very easy for you to figure out how much you should tip the next time you eat out.

Travel Tips

TSA Precheck - Take some of the hassle out of flying by taking advantage of expedited TSA check in and avoid those long lines.

New York City for Smokers - Where You Can and Cannot Smoke in New York City.

Do You Need Travel Insurance? - Yes you do. Especially if you're traveling from out of the country.

Travel Tips - Get some really great tips on packing, tipping and a whole lot more.

Discounts & Savings

New York City On Sale - Savings on hotels, luggage, tours and more...

Savings for AAA Members - If you are a AAA Member, you can save on your visit to New York City.

AARP Members Savings - Over 65 or an AARP Member, then here are some savings for you.