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Junior's is synonymous with New York Style Cheesecake, and if you are a lover of cheesecake that is on the thick and rich side made from cream cheese, then Junior's is the place for you. Their chocolate swirl cheesecake is heavenly, the strawberry crumb cheesecake is sinfully delicious and their chocolate mouse cheesecake makes you want to "bite your fingers" as my Grandmother used to say.

Having Junior's Cheesecake for the Holidays is a tradition with a lot of Brooklyn Natives (the line stretching around the corner and up the block the day before Thanksgiving bears that out). New York Style Cheesecake

Junior's does not serve cheesecake only. Besides other baked goods such as Rugelach and layer cakes, it is a full service restaurant with an extensive menu. I particularly love their catfish (either fried or broiled). It is always fresh and well seasoned. The rest of the items on the menu make a good meal.

Junior's gets an A+ for service. At times it seems they have just as many staff members as they do patrons. Price wise, Junior's is inexpensive when compared to the top Manhattan Restaurants. You can get a great meal for two, including two slices of cheesecake, for around $60.

The original Junior's Restaurant is in Brooklyn at the corner of Flatbush and DeKalb Avenues, and that's the one this Native prefers. There are two others conveniently located in Manhattan in Times Square and Grand Central Station. So if you are looking for a scrumptious example of New York Style Cheesecake, don't pass up Junior's.

Subway Directions
R, Q or B train to Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn. Come out of the station, and Junior's is right there on the corner.

Tour Bus
Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours Bus - Brooklyn Loop. Click here for more details.

Official Website
Junior's Cheesecake.com

Venue Visit on 3/22/08 by Lainey